…ancient Greek offers us uniquely“concise, explosive, ironic, open-ended modes of expression”.

Andrea Marcolongo, Classics Scholar

“It is to the Greeks that we turn when we are sick of the vagueness, of the confusion of our own age.”

Virginia Woolf

For a number of years Caterina Pizanias has been teaching special topics interdisciplinary courses that focus on art in general, and art as a means to bring life to notions of social progress and change in areas such as healing practices, architecture, and private and public life going back to Greek prehistory to classical times and beyond.

Since 2007 she has taught an annual course on Crete By the Way of the Labyrinth: Minoans as Architects, Engineers and Merchants for the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, Canada.  In collaboration with Dr. Henderickus Stam she has taught  a Psychology course in Greece for the University of Calgary entitled Psychology 503: Healing Bodies and Minds: A Journey to Ancient Greece and Back, University of Calgary.  And for the Athens Economic and Business University in Greece she taught an Introductory Seminar on Arts Management for the MBA Programme